Seminar Programme (2017/2018)

Seminars take place on Mondays (starting at 17:00 c.t.) on a fortnightly basis at the Humboldt University or at the DAI (see below).

A poster (PDF) with the programme can be downloaded from here

16.10.2017Rebecca Kahn (HIIG) et al.An Introduction to Peripleo 2 – Pelagios Commons’ Linked Data Exploration EngineHumboldt Uniabstract video slides
30.10.2017Leif Scheuermann (Uni Graz)Approaches towards a genuine digital hermeneuticDAIabstract video slides
13.11.2017Gregory Gilles (KCL)Family or Faction? Using Cicero’s Letters to Map the Political, Social and Familial Relationships Between Senators During the Civil War of 49-45BCHumboldt Uniabstract video slides
27.11.2017Ainsley Hawthorn (LMU Munich)Hacking Sumerian A Database Approach to the Analysis of Ancient LanguagesDAIabstract video slides
11.12.2017Lieve Donnellan (Uni Amsterdam)Network analysis as a tool for studying early urbanisation in ItalyHumboldt Uniabstract video slides
8.1.2018Sabrina Pietrobono (MiBACT, Rome)GIS tool for interdisciplinary landscape studiesDAIabstract video slides
22.1.2018Simona Stoyanova & Gabriel Bodard (ICS)Cataloguing Open Access Classics SerialsHumboldt Uniabstract video slides
5.2.2018Francesco Mambrini et al. (DAI)The iDAI.publications from open digital publishing to text miningDAIabstract video slides
19.2.2018Mateusz Fafinski (FU)A past well hidden: tracing and visualizing Roman infrastructure in medieval chartersHumboldt Uniabstract video slides


Humboldt University

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Gebäude Hausvogteiplatz (Raum 0319)

Hausvogteipl. 5-7, 10117 Berlin map

DAI Wiegandhaus

Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Wiegandhaus (access from Peter-Lenne-Straße)

Podbielskiallee 69-71, 14195 Berlin map


The seminar will be followed by wine and refreshments.

For more information contact the organisers or check the website