Seminar Programme (2016/2017)

Seminars take place on Tuesdays (starting at 17:00 c.t.) on a fortnightly basis at the TOPOI Building Dahlem or at the DAI (see below).

18.10.2016Silvia Polla (TOPOI)Between Demography and Consumption: Digital and Quantitative approaches in the Mediterranean Surface SurveyTOPOI Dahlemabstract video slides
1.11.2016Undine Lieberwirth & Axel Gering (TOPOI)3D GIS in archaeology – a micro-scale analysisDAIabstract video slides
15.11.2016Duncan Keenan-Jones (Glasgow)Digital Experimental Archaeology: Hero of Alexandria and his Automata in CADTOPOI Dahlemabstract video slides
29.11.2016Chiara Palladino & Tariq Youssef (Leipzig)iAligner: a tool for syntax-based intra-language text alignmentDAIabstract video slides
13.12.2016Christian Prager (Bonn)Of Codes, Glyphs and Kings: Tasks, Limits and Approaches in the Encoding of Classic Maya Hieroglyphic InscriptionsTOPOI Dahlemabstract video slides
10.1.2017Wolfgang Schmidle et al. (DAI)chronOntology: A time gazetteer with principlesDAIabstract video slides
24.1.2017Nathan Gibson (Vanderbilt)Toward a Cyberinfrastructure for Syriac Literature: Mapping a Text Corpus using TEI and RDFTOPOI Dahlemabstract video slides
7.2.2017Katherine Crawford (Southampton)In the Footsteps of the Gods: network approach to modeling Roman Religious ProcessionsDAIabstract video slides
21.2.2017Aline Deicke (Mainz)From E19 to MATCH and MERGE. Mapping the CIDOC CRM to graph databases as an environment for archaeological network researchTOPOI Dahlemabstract video slides


TOPOI Building Dahlem

Freie Universität Berlin, Topoi Building Dahlem, Hittorfstraße 18 D-14195 Berlin (map)

DAI Wiegandhaus

Podbielskiallee 69-71, 14195 Berlin map


The seminar will be followed by wine and refreshments.

For more information contact the organisers or check the website