Seminar Programme (2012/2013)

Seminars take place on Tuesdays (17:00-19:00) on a fortnightly basis at one of the following venues:

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23.10.2012Gabriel Bodard (KCL)A View on Digital Classics Collaboration: from a cacophony of epigraphic databases to a citizens’ web of inscriptionsDAI Wiegandhausabstract slides video
06.11.2012Diego Jiménez-Badillo (INAH, Mexico), Salvador Ortíz-Correa (CIMAT, Mexico), Omar Mendoza-Montoya (CIMAT, Mexico)Classifying Formal Features of Archaeological Artefacts through the Application of Spectral ClusteringDAI Wiegandhausabstract slides video
20.11.2012Francesco Mambrini (CHS, Harvard/DAI, Berlin)Treebanking in the World of Thucydides. Linguistic annotation for the Hellespont ProjectTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract slides video
04.12.2012Christian Berndt (Independent Researcher)The Design of the Pantheon’s Portico Columns and the Justification of Research Results based on Digital Tools and MethodsTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract slides video
18.12.2012Benjamin Jasnow (UoVirginia, USA), Courtney Evans (UoVirginia, USA), Jenny Strauss Clay (UoVirginia, USA/Humboldt Univ., Berlin)Mapping the Catalogue of ShipsTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract video
08.01.2013Patrick Sahle and Ulrike Henny (CCeH, Cologne)Ägyptologie trifft Digital Humanities: Das Buch der TotenTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract slides video
22.01.2013Lieve Van Hoof (Lichtenberg Kolleg–Georg-August Universität, Göttingen)Digital social network analysis and ancient literature: Libanius’ Epistolary Ego-NetworkTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract slides video
05.02.2013Leif Isaksen (Southampton)The Practical Prognosticator - On the Use and Abuse of Ptolemy’s GeographyTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract slides video
19.02.2013Alexandra Trachsel (KCL/Hamburg)Presenting fragments as quotations or quotations as fragmentsTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract slides video
05.03.2013Dr. Piraye Haciguzeller (Leuven)GIS-Based Metric and Visual Integration Analysis: Potential Applications and Methodological IssuesTOPOI Haus Dahlemabstract

The seminar will be followed by wine and refreshments.

For more information contact the organisers or check the website